How to Write a Poem With Alliteration & Metaphors?

Answer Metaphors and alliteration add richness to spoken and written communication. They can also make something you say or write, such as a poem, more memorable. Both devices have been used in realms oth... Read More »

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How to Write a Critical Thinking Essay Using Metaphors?

While not all essays are about critical thinking, all essays do require critical thinking. This is because essays are not really a matter of just delivering information in an efficient way. Rather,... Read More »

How to Write an Emo Poem?

Emo poems are like Emo music, but they're less tuneful and most people can write them. They are expressed throughout feelings. There is no proper way you should write it but if you want follow this... Read More »

How to Write a New Poem Every Day?

Having a daily activity requires dedication. Poems need any other virtue not yet mentioned. Putting the two together can be quite hard indeed.

How to Write an "I Believe" Poem?

Assigning an "I Believe" poem is an apt choice for a middle school or high school English class because it follows a simple structure and prompts students on what to write. The simplicity of an "I ... Read More »