How to Write a Persuasive Letter for the First Grade?

Answer First-grade students generally need considerable guidance when learning a new writing skill. As writing teacher and author Regie Routman points out in her book "Writing Essentials," shared writing,... Read More »

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How to Write a Persuasive Letter for a Second Grade Student?

Communication between educators and parents is crucial as they should ideally be working as a team for the education and enlightenment of the child. If you are a parent and think your child's educa... Read More »

How to Write a Letter of Greeting in First Grade?

A letter of greeting is also called a friendly letter in first grade curriculum. Being able to write a friendly letter is one of the skills first-grade students are expected to master during their ... Read More »

How to Write a Teacher Request Letter for First Grade?

Writing a teacher request letter for a first-grade classroom allows you to advocate for your child. You can type a request in business letter format to ask for a principal's consideration in placin... Read More »

How to Write a Persuasive Essay for the 8th Grade?

Writing a persuasive essay means convincing someone to hold a point of view, to buy a product or to do something. A well thought-out topic, good content, structure, grammar and spelling are all thi... Read More »