How to Write a Personnel Announcement Firing an Employee?

Answer An estimated 7.9 million jobs have been eliminated in the United States since 2008, according to a July 2010 article on With the global economy still struggling as of May 2011, many jobs a... Read More »

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Types of Negligent Firing of an Employee?

Negligently firing an employee could have drastic consequences for an employer. Firing someone negligently can result in lawsuits and black marks against a company that are difficult to erase. Savv... Read More »

Do you always need a termination letter when firing an employee?

Unless required by state law, you do not always need a termination letter when firing an employee. On occasion, termination letters can be beneficial for explaining severance packages or the cause ... Read More »

What goes in employee personnel files?

An employee's personnel file is a written history of the employee's time with the company. Care should be taken to include only information that is pertinent to the employee's employment and work p... Read More »

How many days does an employer have to produce an employee's personnel files in Minnesota?

Minnesota Statute 181.961, as of 2009, states that Minnesota employers must produce an employee file for examination within seven working days of receiving a written request by the employee if the ... Read More »