How to Write a Paper on Cognitive Theory?

Answer Cognitive theory provides an array of composition options that ranges from childhood development to social influences, with each subject questioning the means by which humans develop into thinking,... Read More »

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How to Write a Theory Paper?

"Theory" means different things in different academic disciplines and settings, from literary theory to mathematical theory and everything in between. Whatever your subject, writing a paper on theo... Read More »

How to Write a Paper on Literary Theory?

Composing a paper concerning literary theory does take some concentration and a certain amount of preparation. Because literary theory is such a diverse topic, there is a definite need to pare down... Read More »

How to Write a Paper Using Critical Theory?

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Theory of Cognitive Adaptation?

The Theory of Cognitive Adaption deals with one of the defense mechanisms of the human psyche. In general, this theory seeks to find how human beings deal with threatening or traumatic events in th... Read More »