How to Write a Non-fiction Analysis?

Answer The term "non-fiction" is often used interchangeably with "factual," a convention that implies non-fiction writing maintains a level of objectivity. However, two authors writing on the same topic c... Read More »

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Conducting a structural analysis of a work of fiction involves considering?

How to Write 55 Fiction?

55 Fiction is a relatively new type of fiction that requires the writer to write a short story in 55 words or less. This is a very good writing exercise for people who want to write, but don't have... Read More »

How to Write Fiction?

Fiction means any stories or pieces of literature which have been made up by the author and aren’t true. Here's how to write fiction from start to finish.

How to Write Non Fiction?

While it is easy to define fiction (a made up story), the easiest way to define non fiction is to say that it is not fiction. Non fiction includes many types of work, from biographies and autobiogr... Read More »