How to Write a Name on Clothes Without Tags With a Laundry Marker?

Answer A common way to label clothing with a name is by writing on clothing tags using a laundry marker. However, certain items of clothing don't always come with tags, or you may have to remove the tags ... Read More »

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I live in a place that has no laundry .I cant afford laundry mat and half the time i have no clothes.?

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How do I write on DVDs with permanent marker?

Copy the desired information on to a blank DVD-R. Locate a spot on the DVD-R that is easy to read. If the DVD-R is light colored, choose a permanent mark with dark ink, but if it is black or a dark... Read More »

Can you write on cotton with permanent marker?

You can use a permanent marker on cotton fabric, but some permanent markers may bleed. Your best bet is to use a permanent fabric marker, which you can buy at sewing and craft stores.Source:Republi... Read More »

Is a Sharpie laundry marker permanent?

Sharpie laundry marker ink is permanent. The writing will stay on through dry cleaning as well as machine washing. This is useful for large families and those living in apartments or dorms.Source:S... Read More »