How to Write a Mixed Number as a Decimal?

Answer A mixed number contains a whole number and a fraction. A fraction is a part of a whole number and has a numerator over a denominator. For example, in the mixed number 3 1/10, 3 is the whole number ... Read More »

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How to Write 5/6 As a Mixed Number or a Decimal?

People use fractions, mixed numbers and decimals often, without even thinking about it. For instance, when you see a sale price, you might mentally calculate the savings by transforming a percent i... Read More »

How to Convert Percentages as a Decimal and Mixed Number?

You can see examples of percentages all around you. For example, you may go to a department store sale where merchandise is discounted by 10 percent of the original price -- or even more, if you're... Read More »

How to Write Fractions as a Decimal Number?

The bar that divides the numbers in a fraction is really a division sign. This makes a fraction simply a shorthand way of describing the division of two numbers. When you complete this division, th... Read More »

How to Write the Remainder as a Mixed Number?

Fractions are ratios between two numbers represented by a top number called the numerator and a bottom number called the denominator. Fractions with the numerator larger than the denominator are te... Read More »