How to Write a Long Message on Your Facebook Status?

Answer Facebook posts, whether public status updates or a statement directed toward an individual user, are common ways to share information using the service. At 420 characters, Facebook's character limi... Read More »

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How do you put a smiley or heart in your Facebook status or a facebook message What's the code you use!?

For chatting, there are 22 different codes you can use.:) smile:D bigger smile:P tongue smile:o surprise (can also be done as :O ... ):( sad:'( cry8) cool glasses:( This is the >.< face.3:) Devil..... Read More »

How to Create a Facebook Status Update Via Text Message?

You don't need a fancy phone to update your Facebook status, any phone with text messaging will work. Here is how you can update your Facebook via SMS text message.

How to Write a Custom Status Message in Yahoo Messenger 9.0?

Yahoo Messenger 9.0 is a program people use to send instant messages to each other. You have probably noticed that sometimes your friends have comments that show up beside their names when they ar... Read More »

What should I write on my friend's Facebook status?

... was complimented on my driving today. Someone left a note on my windshield that said “Parking Fine”... says: to never play leapfrog with a unicorn.... says: I’m gonna write a blog post ab... Read More »