How to Write a Letter Regarding Problems With an Instructor?

Answer Instructors have a chemistry with their students, and just like in any other relationship, if the chemistry is bad the experience will leave the participants feeling negatively. If you had a bad ex... Read More »

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What is the national organization website regarding APD problems referenced by Transporting Students with Disabilities and Special Needs?

Yes, just go to your local hospital and make an appointment, and from experience, make sure you need to pee first because that's the only way that the ultrasound lady can tell if there is a baby

Problems With Letter of the Week in Preschool?

The letter of the week approach is a common one for teaching the alphabet in preschool. With this approach the teacher and students spend one week learning about each letter of the alphabet in orde... Read More »

How to Write a Complaint Letter for Dissatisfaction With a Product?

Few things are more irritating than purchasing a new product only to find that it does not function as you thought it might when you bought it. This problem is compounded when the item promised a c... Read More »

When people write a 0 (or o) with a slash through it, is it the letter o or the number zero?