How to Write a Letter After Receiving a Job Offer?

Answer You just learned that a company you interviewed with wants to offer you a job. Regardless of whether you accept, decline or wish to negotiate the offer presented, you'll need to give a response. A ... Read More »

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How do you reassure a child is safe after receiving a threatening letter from a bully?

Answer One thing you can do is take the letter to the police. It may seem drastic, but it will make a point to both the bully and to your child. Your child will be reassured that the law is on his ... Read More »

How to Write an Appreciation Letter to the Medical Director After Resigning?

Though many people view their final days at a particular job as the last days they'll ever have to deal with the people at that job, oftentimes that is simply not the case. It is advisable, therefo... Read More »

How to Write a Counter Offer to the Purchase Offer?

Everyone who is selling a home longs for the day when they will receive an offer to purchase it. If the terms that the purchaser is offering are not acceptable, the seller of the home can make a c... Read More »

If you have an admissions offer to an Academy will that affect your chances of receiving an ROTC scholarship?

Somewhat. You'd do some physical training, maybe learn some basic survival and other skills, such as land navigation. It should also add a pinch of military discipline.