How to Write a Letter About Likes & Dislikes of Taking a Class?

Answer A formal letter about taking a class is your chance to share with authority figures your impressions and experiences in the classroom. It is important to remain professional and respectful througho... Read More »

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How to Answer Questions About Likes & Dislikes?

Whether you're just learning English or mastering the art of polite conversation, talking about things you like and things you don't is an important social skill for expressing yourself and making ... Read More »

How to Answer the Likes & Dislikes of a Job?

The main technique human resources professionals use to sift through their applicants is to conduct job interviews. One question that pops up in many interviews is "What did you like and dislike ab... Read More »

Who likes or dislikes Walmart.?

I like it for the cheap prices, they have a variety of stuff and hours that match my schedule, but I hate the way they treat their employes

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