How to Write a Legal Contract That Has All the Elements?

Answer A contract is an agreement that creates obligations that are legally enforceable. People can create a contract with any terms they can think of, provided the terms do not require illegal behavior. ... Read More »

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How to Write a Legal Contract?

Fair contracts protect all parties -- those providing a service, goods or property and those paying for what is offered. Contracts set out legally binding conditions that the parties must adhere to... Read More »

How to Write a Contract for a Deed (Land Contract)?

When a property owner wishes to sell his or her property and intends to provide the financing to the buyer, as opposed to the buyer obtaining a traditional mortgage, the parties may use a contract ... Read More »

Elements of a Claim for Legal Malpractice?

A claim of legal malpractice can be brought by an individual or by third parties who have been harmed by the actions of a particular attorney. The process begins with documentation of legal represe... Read More »

What is legal contract age?

In the United States only a legal adult can sign a contract that holds up in a court. This means a person must be 18 years old in order to sign a contract. Over a period of time contracts signed by... Read More »