How to Write a Footnote for an Article in a Book?

Answer When you quote or reference another person's work, you are required to cite that information. Failure to do so may be construed as plagiarism, which can have serious consequences for your college a... Read More »

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How to Write a Footnote for a Book?

For longer works in Modern Language Association (MLA) and certain American Psychological Association (APA) documents, creating footnotes is often a necessary part of the writing process. When worki... Read More »

How to Write a Newspaper Article for a Book Report?

A fun way to mix up the traditional book report format is to create a newspaper article about the events that take place in your assigned book. This can be done in a number of ways, but each differ... Read More »

How to Write a Footnote After Every Paragraph?

Footnotes are used to add extra information that does not need to be stated within the text of an essay or to cite the sources from which you have drawn your facts. There are no rules regarding whe... Read More »

How to Write a Character Article (a "Be Like" Article) on wikiHow?

No one can be Marlon (except himself, of course), but you may be able to copy his style.wikiHow is a how-to Manual. How-to articles provide guides on how to do, fix, mend, try, make, or achieve som... Read More »