How to Write a Draft Paper?

Answer After researching and outlining a paper, writing a draft is the next step in the process. The draft might actually be the easiest part of the process because you have already done the hard work of ... Read More »

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How to Write a First Draft Paper?

The first draft of your paper -- sometimes called the rough draft -- is used to put all of your ideas and the information you collect into essay form. The first draft is composed after you have alr... Read More »

How to Write a First Draft?

Like many aspiring writers, I really like editing while writing. Unfortunately, it's not very efficient. So how do you write your first draft without editing?

How to Write a Draft of a Story?

Few stories are ever complete with the first draft. A draft serves as the story's rough cut, getting the basics in place so that the writer can revise and polish his work more readily. In truth, th... Read More »

How to Write the First Draft of a Novel in a Month?

Writing a novel can be a lot of fun--but also a ton of hard work. It can take forever...unless you know how to do it in a month.