How to Write a Contract Default Clause?

Answer A contract default clause states what will happen if one of the parties fails to live up to their side of the agreement. Generally a default clause allows the non-breaching party to terminate the c... Read More »

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Where can you download a free contract with a breach of contract clause?

You can go to itunes and get free downloads somtimes of go to download free music .com or ask wiki answers there is a lot of sites you can go to.

The liberatization clause for disability contract is?

What is a surrender clause in a leased land contract?

A surrender clause in a lease contract for land allows the tenant to release the rights held in the property before the lease agreement's termination date. This means the tenant can end the lease a... Read More »

How to Draft a Contract Clause Dealing With Delay in Performance?

Some contracts require performance to be performed by a specific date or have services or outcomes that will be impacted negatively if delay occurs. When drafting a clause to deal with delay, here ... Read More »