How to Write a Class Prophecy?

Answer Writing a class prophecy before a senior class graduates is an exercise in predicting who is going to be doing what at a specific time in the future. Some classes like to bury the prophecy in a tim... Read More »

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How to Create a Warrior Cat Prophecy?

create your warrior cat's destny!Many articles talk about creating a clan, but now create a prophecy to go with it.

How to Write Resumes for a Class A or B CDL?

Holders of commercial drivers licenses (CDL) can drive a variety of vehicles, such as semi trucks and taxis. There are three levels, or classes, of such licenses. Classes A and B are similar, each ... Read More »

How to Write Questions for an Art Class?

A question is defined as a request for information. Questions asked within a class can be asked to elicit a response to gauge information understanding or to encourage students to expand their crea... Read More »

How to Write a wikiHow in Class?

Are you interested in writing a wikiHow article, but have no time? Create your masterpiece in class! It's fun and easy! If you work it right, you may even be able to get credit for your efforts.