How to Write a Broker Opinon Letter?

Answer Real estate brokers provide broker's price opinions for homeowners wishing to determine the current value of their homes. Although not accepted by mortgage companies as substitutes for residential ... Read More »

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How to Sell Stocks Without a Broker's Letter of Instruction?

In today's centralized electronic stock trading environment, shares are usually exchanged in the open market with a broker's letter of instruction. Brokers have vested interests, in the form of com... Read More »

How to Write Your Own Broker Loan Fee Agreement?

Creating your own broker loan fee agreement may be necessary even if you are not affiliated with a mortgage company. Mortgage companies usually have specific forms that document the amount of broke... Read More »

Should i dye my hair i need you opinon?

If you do, you will look just like the girl next to you in the second picture. I would do a warmer blonde (straw color) with some lighter streaks.

What is your opinon on radio chat shows?

It is very much down to the host, for example those on LBC are excellent which leads to intelligent callers.