How to Write a Bibliography on a Web Site?

Answer Including a detailed bibliography on your website can have many benefits. Often, it allows visitors to discover more information about the topic on their own and further their knowledge about the s... Read More »

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How to Write a Bibliography?

When people write a research report for school, college or work, most teachers will ask for a bibliography as well. The bibliography basically gives information about each source, both in print and... Read More »

How to Write a Bibliography With Two Authors?

Many books, articles or other publications are written by two authors, also known as co-authors. When more than one author is credited for the information source, both authors are listed in the bib... Read More »

How do you write a history bibliography?

When writing a history paper, either for scholarly publication or a class assignment, you will need to compile a bibliography at the end of your paper. A bibliography provides a detailed list of th... Read More »

How to Write a Bibliography Page in MLA?

Modern Language Association (MLA) style provides a set of rules and guidelines writers follow when constructing research papers. While MLA covers all aspects of writing--from style to paper structu... Read More »