How to Write Up a Neurological Physical Exam?

Answer The neurological physical examination is a vital part of an admission work up. Since no diagnostic tests exist for most diagnoses in neurology, a thorough neurological exam is your best way of dete... Read More »

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Will a physical exam with a blood exam reveal that I was smoking cigs even though I havent smoked in 2 months?

No, it takes anywhere from 14 to 21 days for the average person who quits smoking to clear all the nicotine out of their bloodstream.

Yearly physical exam?

If you're worried about any doctor looking down there, don't be! They have no right to make you feel uncomfortable, whether it's a girl or boy. So if they say that they are going to look down there... Read More »

Where do you get a coast guard physical exam?

life guard at any local kiddie pool, cant be deeper than 4 ft.

Full Physical Exam Checklist?

All adults should have a yearly physical exam, even if there are no existing health concerns. It is important that you get a full physical exam at least once a year to note any changes in your heal... Read More »