How to Write System-of-Equations Word Problems?

Answer Systems of equations with two or more variables, which students must solve to obtain the values of both variables, are popular in Algebra II. If you are an educator wishing to write more of these p... Read More »

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How to Write a System of Equations?

A system of equations is multiple mathematical equations that have the same unknown values. Students confronted with a word problem (a mathematical problem in narrative form) must learn how to conv... Read More »

Word Problems About Linear Equations for Mixture?

A linear equation is a mathematical expression used in algebra, made up of a combination of constants and variables to the first power. We can always solve for the values of the variables in a set... Read More »

How to Solve Word Problems Using Polynomial Equations?

Word problems, also called story problems, are mathematical exercises that provide the information required to solve a problem in words instead of numbers. Word problems motivate students to apply... Read More »

How to Write Math Equations in MS Word?

The Microsoft Office Word application includes the Microsoft Equation 3.0, which is a built-in feature that allows you to create mathematical equations. The feature includes over 150 types of mathe... Read More »