How to Write Sideways in Excel?

Answer If your spreadsheet has a lot of data that results in narrow columns, such as two-digit numbers that take up very little space, adding long column headings can make your columns much wider than you... Read More »

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How to Write an "AND" Statement in Excel?

The "AND" function in Excel tests whether two or more statements are true or false. These statements are called logical tests and are enclosed in parenthesis after the "AND" statement. A valid logi... Read More »

How to Write a Compare Script in Excel?

Microsoft Excel is the leading spreadsheet computer program in the world. Businesses use it to compile, record and analyze data about markets, consumers, revenue streams and many other variables. O... Read More »

How to Write a Simple Macro in Microsoft Excel?

Increase the usability of your Excel spreadsheets by adding a little programming to them. While Excel's formulas and spreadsheet features make it a great tool, mastering the ability to create macro... Read More »

How to Write an Excel File from the COBOL Program?

COBOL, in its eloquence, has many capabilities and versatilities. Among them is the ability to output various file types and structures. You can produce an Excel file from your COBOL program fairly... Read More »