How to Write Short Stories in Middle School?

Answer Teaching middle school students to write short stories gives them the opportunity to practice their creativity, have fun while writing and at the same time improve their writing skills. According t... Read More »

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How to Read Scary Short Stories to Middle Schoolers?

Encouraging middle schoolers to read can help them develop a love for lifelong reading. By introducing them to different literary genres, you give students the chance to choose stories that fit wel... Read More »

How to Write Short Stories & How to Sell Them?

Competition in the short story industry can be fierce. Knowing how to write a good short story and knowing how to market it will raise you above some of the competition. Your knowledge of the publi... Read More »

How to Write Short Stories for the Radio?

Writing short stories for the radio can be an intimidating task. You have to capture and hold the listener's attention using nothing but sound. No words on the page. No pictures. Just sound. A diff... Read More »

How to Write Short Stories in Simple Terms?

Short story writing offers a lot of creative freedom. Short stories can range from 500 word flash fiction to 100 page novellas. They can be straightforward like a Mark Twain story or a complicated ... Read More »