How to Write Radicals As Rational Exponents?

Answer A radical, or root, is the mathematical opposite of an exponent in that one will cancel out the other. But radicals can also be expressed through rational exponents, or fractional exponents. For ex... Read More »

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How to Use Rational Exponents to Simplify Radicals?

Simplifying radicals using rational exponents can make it easier to simplify expressions with a combination of radicals and exponents. Once you rewrite a radical in the form of a rational exponent,... Read More »

How to Rewrite Radicals Into Exponents?

To rewrite a radical as an exponent you must first understand the relationship between the two mathematical expressions. The n-th root of a number is equal to that number to the 1/n power. For exam... Read More »

How to Solve Equations With Radicals & Exponents?

Exponents and radicals are common expressions in algebra. An exponent is a convenient way of writing repeated multiplications of the same number. For example, the variable x raised to the power of ... Read More »

How to Solve an Equation With Rational Exponents?

A rational exponent is also known as a fractional exponent. The exponent is divided into two parts. The top part, or numerator, has the function of a regular exponent and raises the number or expre... Read More »