How to Write Percent Proportions?

Answer A proportion is an equation that shows one ratio equal to another. A ratio compares two numbers or quantities and can be written as a fraction with a numerator and a denominator. For example, the r... Read More »

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How to Write One Percent on a Calculator?

If you take a look at your calculator, you'll quickly notice that it either has a percentage key or is missing a percentage key altogether. Unfortunately, even if your calculator has a percentage k... Read More »

What is the 80 percent versus 60 percent in insurance plans?

Answer I would assume its 80/20 or 60/40, that would normally mean that you pay a minimum of 20 or 40 percent of each accident/ hospital visit. Contact your agent for a full explaination.

How to Make Proportions?

A proportion is an algebraic equation that compares two ratios or fractions. It always consists of an unknown variable, usually denoted by an "x." When the terms of a proportion are cross-multiplie... Read More »

Activities for Proportions?

You use proportions in many daily activities -- from calculating gas mileage or distance to purchasing produce by the pound. Proportions and ratios can be difficult for beginning math students to g... Read More »