How to Write Paragraph Proofs for Geometry?

Answer If you have studied geometry, you are familiar with writing proofs for theorems. Such proofs either are written in the form of columns (the classic method of writing proofs) or explained in the for... Read More »

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Activities for Geometry Proofs?

Geometric proofs can be a difficult math skill to master because they are taught early in a geometry course, before students have mastered the basic theorems and definitions used to build the proof... Read More »

Geometry Proofs Games?

Interactive and printed geometry proof games can help students become familiar with proof properties while being entertained. Games for geometric proofs range from virtual flashcards and animated o... Read More »

Lesson Activities on Geometry Proofs?

Geometry is a branch of mathematics that deals, in part, with the laws and properties of physical space. Among other things, geometrical proofs attempt to explain the relationship between shapes, a... Read More »

Tips on Writing Geometry Proofs?

In geometry, proofs are tables that demonstrate why a statement is true. Their purpose is to illuminate the steps used when problem-solving so that results can be discussed between mathematicians. ... Read More »