How to Write Numbers in Tally Marks?

Answer Tally numbers are special. They are not numerals, but can be used to keep track of many things especially when collecting data for statistical analysis.

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The Advantages of Tally Marks?

Tally marks are a rather unwieldy way to keep track of very large numbers, but they also pose distinct advantages to numerals in specific situations. They are more useful and practical than regular... Read More »

How to Create a Bar Graph From a Table With a Tally Marks Worksheet?

A tally marks worksheet is a worksheet that has a list of categories in a table, along with a number of tally marks indicating how many items are in each category. The tally marks are usually place... Read More »

How to Write Real Numbers?

Imaginary numbers are a relatively recent mathematical concept. In fact, it wasn't until 1835 when Sir William Rowan Hamilton introduced the concept of imaginary numbers versus real numbers. Imagin... Read More »

How to Write Numbers in Words?