How to Write Notes to Parents About Behavior?

Answer As a teacher, you may feel that far too much of your time is taken up with behavior management and disciplinary issues. Most teachers find this frustrating, not least because it detracts from the t... Read More »

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How to Write a Letter to Parents About Having a School Picnic?

Teachers write letters to parents to provide information regarding school activities. When a school plans a picnic, teachers write letters to students' parents to let them know about the event. Som... Read More »

How Should I Write a Letter to Parents of Children at School About an Upcoming Event?

Informing parents about an upcoming event at school must be done in plenty of time for parents to make arrangements to attend or participate some other way. Your letter should be short and to the p... Read More »

How do you deal with parents who are narcissist and they abandoned their son as an adult because that son no longer allows that type of behavior but they keep on telling lies to others about that son?

Answer The simple solution is, you don't... just write them off and find your own life. You won't change them and if you continue to try to deal with them, help them, change them or in any way int... Read More »

How to Write Correspondence Notes?

Here are some steps which will help you on how to write correspondence notes.