How to Write Letters to Ask for Recommendations for Dental School?

Answer Strong recommendations are an essential component of the dental school admissions process. A recommendation from an experienced dentist, pre-dental or health professor or employer can emphasize an ... Read More »

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How to Write Reference Letters for High School Acceptance?

If you're having trouble writing a reference letter for a high school student, you're not alone. There aren't too many high schools that require a reference letter as an acceptance requirement. It'... Read More »

What is the advanage of having any dental work done at at dental medical school vs going to a dentist?

Much cheaper especially if you have no dental insurance. University of Maryland had a wonderful dental school and my cousin had extensive work done there that she wouldn't have been able to afford... Read More »

Struggling with grades...should I still apply to dental school to become a dental hygienist?

all you should do is find what you like try hard in it and if you don't get accepted don't worry you'll always find whats right for you always keep trying :D

How to How to Write a Report With Findings & Recommendations?

Communicate the information you want with well-organized reports that contain specific findings and recommendations that stem from research. Detailed information that describes an issue and suggest... Read More »