How to Write Letters Backwards on Facebook?

Answer Facebook is a social networking site where you can share brief status updates and notes with other users. You can make your updates, notes and Facebook profile more eye-catching with text effects s... Read More »

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How to Help Children Who Write Letters Backwards?

Learning how to write is perhaps one of the most basic skills that children learn when they're young and in school. However, like any other sort of learning, some children will struggle grasping th... Read More »

Your name backwards then take the letters at the end & front off,what do you have & would you name anyone this?

Daisy becomes Sia.As far as made up names go, it really isn't bad.However, I'd never use it!

My computer started to write backwards?

Java applet causes backwards or jumbled typing in text boxesSometimes running a Java applet during the browser session can cause the cursor to behave erratically when you type in a text field, so t... Read More »

How to Teach Your Child How to Read & Write Their Numbers Forwards Instead of Backwards?

Writing numbers backwards is common among preschoolers who are learning to write. However, it may lead to letter reversals and confusion during reading and copying if it is not corrected before for... Read More »