How to Write Functions in Math?

Answer You can graph circles, ellipses, lines and parabolas and represent all these by equations in math. However, not all these equations are functions. In math, a function is an equation with only one o... Read More »

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How to Write Functions as Products of Two Linear Functions?

A function is linear if its graph is a straight line. A linear equation, such as y = 3x + 1, can be written as a function by removing the equal sign and adding functional notation, e.g. f(x): 3x + ... Read More »

Can Functions in Math Have Exponents?

An exponent, in mathematics, essentially means repeated multiplication. Exponents are represented either by superscripts or by the number following a ^. For example, in 2^3 the 3 is the exponent, ... Read More »

How to Learn Math Functions?

A function is a mapping between two sets of data. Imagine two lists of numbers, such that there is a line between every item in the first list and every item in the second. The first list comprises... Read More »

How to Graph Basic Math Functions?

Math functions are used in many aspects of our lives. From business to news centers, math functions are used to represent economic trends, prices rising and falling and many more situations. Being ... Read More »