How to Write Friendly Letters for Kids?

Answer Writing a friendly letter is a way for kids to communicate with other people they care about. Encourage the child to select a close friend or family member to whom to write. Kids can write friendly... Read More »

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I am looking for a font that helps kids write their letters. It has little arrows for directions?

I would Google: school fonts, you can probably download a software with D'Nealian or other print styles for free. I found D'Nealian to be easy to read and was used at the school and preschool in my... Read More »

Eco-Friendly Art Supplies for Kids?

Art supplies such as paints, crayons, clays, modeling dough and glues can contain toxic chemicals such as toluene, dioxins, benzene, hexane, acetone and PCBs, which are known carcinogens. Pigments ... Read More »

How to Write a Friendly Letter?

Nowadays, computers and cell phones have all but done away with letter writing. They are a faster method of communication but lack the intimacy that can be had with writing a letter. Think about ho... Read More »

How to Remain Friendly for the Kids' Sake?

Couples often stay in relationships that are not healthy for them "for the kids' sake". If you are reading this article then it probably means you have left the relationship. Still, children need n... Read More »