How to Write Formal Papers?

Answer College-level formal essays and papers can be daunting for students who have recently graduated from high school. The time and thought necessary to thoroughly investigate and support an opinion on ... Read More »

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How to Write Numbers in Formal Papers?

When writing formal papers, people often become confused when figuring out whether they should spell numbers out or use figures. How you write numbers depends on the style you use: Modern Language ... Read More »

Are song titles underlined or italicized in formal papers?

Academic papers generally employ MLA writing style. In MLA style, song titles are placed in quotation marks. Additionally, band names are treated as proper nouns that are not formatted in any way w... Read More »

How to Write a Formal CV?

Imagine summarizing your entire life's work in a single document. It sounds like a difficult task, but it's something many academics must do in their Curriculum Vitaes, or CVs. A CV, unlike a resum... Read More »

How to Write a Formal Summary?

Writing formal summaries is an important component of research, particularly when that research is based more on an analysis of primary and secondary writing, rather than testing, experimentation o... Read More »