How to Write Backmasked Songs?

Answer Writing songs with backmasked, or backwards, parts in them is a practice some songwriters do to give their listeners a little something extra. It's a technique that, upon listening, some may notice... Read More »

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How to Write Emo Songs?

Yage, Amanda Woodward, Rites of Spring, Embrace, I Hate Myself, Indian Summer, Belle Epoque, Antioch Arrow, and Twelve Hour Turn are all great examples of emo, also known as emotive hardcore. These... Read More »

How to Write Songs on a CD?

Writing songs to a CD is known as "burning." You can burn songs and create a music CD, which will work in normal CD players not connected to your computer. The program Windows Media Player allows y... Read More »

How to Write R&B & Hip Hop Songs?

Driven by hard-hitting bass and a repeating beat, R&B and hip-hop are two genres that dominate the radio airwaves. In contrast to other genres, the main focus of R&B and hip-hop is the lyrics. In a... Read More »

How to Write Songs As a Teenager?

Are you a teenager that listens to loads of songs and tries to write one yourself, but its just too hard? Read on to find out how to easily write a song and maybe even become known for it.