How to Wrap a Hard to Wrap Gift?

Answer Gift wrapping can be a difficult task, particularly when the gift is oddly shaped, out of the box or is too big to even consider wrapping. Consider wrapping material alternatives to the classic col... Read More »

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What if you have sex using plastic wrap as protection but the wrap was sucure and did not rip tear or open at all and the sex was only about 30 to 40 seconds long and he did not come?

Using plastic wrap is a TERRIBLE choice. Do not have sex if you can not at least afford a condomn or suffer the possible consequences such as STD's and unwanted pregnancy. Plastic wrap can have man... Read More »

How to Wrap a Gift in a Bag?

Wrapping gifts in gift wrapping, can be a tedious chore, and cause a backache from bending over, cutting and shaping. The use of a gift bag is so much easier, neater and easier to carry.

How to Gift Wrap a Car?

Need to wrap a car for a special occasion? Here is a list of instructions just for you!

How to Gift Wrap a DVD?

DVDs are a popular gift, and wrapping them does not need to be difficult. With a little practice, you can gift-wrap DVDs like a pro. This article will show you how to wrap a DVD or Video game case ... Read More »