How to Wrap Your Body in Saran Wrap?

Answer One way to temporarily fight cellulite and make yourself look slightly slimmer is to wrap your body in Saran Wrap. While the results of body wraps are purely short-term with no lasting effects, the... Read More »

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How to Saran Wrap or Doobie Wrap for Healthy Hair?

Saran Wrap acts much the same way as standard plastic caps in maintaining hair health by locking in moisture. This hair maintenance technique is useful for dry hair and scalp sufferers and people w... Read More »

How to Use Saran Wrap?

If you have been ignorant to the proper usage of saran wrap here are some helpful hints.

Who invented Saran wrap?

Saran wrap, which is today most commonly used to cover and protect food, was developed in 1933 by Ralph Wiley, who worked for Dow Chemical at the time, according to American Chemistry.References:Am... Read More »

How to 50 50 Saran Wrap on a Skateboard?

This will tell you how to do a 50-50, or truckstand, into a saran wrap and land it.