How to Wrap Pipes for Cold Weather?

Answer Pipes can freeze or even burst in times of cold weather after a period of disuse. Products to insulate pipes, such as a pipe sleeve and electrical heat tape, can be purchased and placed around pipe... Read More »

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How to Heat Wrap Pipes?

Frozen water pipes that burst open can cause major damage to your home. If you live in a climate with harsh winters, consider installing heat tape to your pipes to help prevent them from freezing. ... Read More »

Which is better to keep pipes from freezing in this sub zero weather, to leave water slowly dripping or not to?

I agree with Cliff; leave them drip slowly, and for extra precaution, wrap any pipes that are exposed to the elements with heat tape. This is tape that you wrap around the pipes, and has an electri... Read More »

How can I prevent a water pipes from freezing, with an electric outage and sub zero weather?

with whatyou have, you have to drain the lines to the lowest point and the sewer traps too anything thats exposed to cold air abovegrade. usually an outside hose bib and the shower knobs left wid... Read More »

Does cold weather really give you a cold/flu?

Although most people consider the cold and flu season to span from November through February, these ailments are not limited to the winter months. Winter is not the only time that people get colds ... Read More »