How to Work on a Farm for a Day?

Answer Working on a farm for a day will not only be a rewarding educational experience, but will offer you the opportunity to see where your food comes from and to appreciate those who work each day to pr... Read More »

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How to Work in Farm Brokerage?

Farm brokerage is a highly specialized area of real estate, and one that offers successful brokers a rewarding career. Because farms consist of real estate, assets, skilled labor, and clients, sell... Read More »

What Does a Day's Work Consist of on a Cocoa Farm?

Cocoa trees are native to tropical forests of central and South America, but are cultivated in Asia and Africa as well. Cocoa is a cash crop that is in constant demand and 75 percent of the world's... Read More »

Can i work on farm refrigeration equipment with a 609 certification?

On One Hand: Motor Vehicle Air Conditioning Systems609 certification allows you to work on the refrigeration systems for motor vehicles. It also allows you to purchase the refrigerants that are use... Read More »

The state of georgia. work on a farm. employee treatment.?

They are probably breaking every one. Farms do operate under different regulations though. Maybe it is time to start looking for another job.