How to Work With Tiger Sharks?

Answer Divers and shark experts consider the tiger shark to be one of the most dangerous shark species. For years divers were told to leave the water as quickly as possible if a tiger shark was spotted. T... Read More »

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How many teeth do tiger sharks have?

Tiger sharks have multiple rows of 24 identical teeth that they continuously shed and replace. Over a period of 10 years, a single tiger shark can produce more than 24,000 teeth.Source:Venice Flori... Read More »

How to Minimize Meeting up With Sharks?

Sharks, you are in their territory when you go into the ocean. Minimize your chance of meeting up with sharks by going through this checklist and following the recommendations as much as possible.

Do sharks sleep with one eye open?

While sharks have eyelids, they don't blink or close them when resting. Technically, sharks don't even sleep. According to the Florida Museum of Natural History, "Sharks do not sleep like humans do... Read More »

Who is the actress in the Vonage commercial with the sharks?

Actress in Vonage Commercial Linda O'Neil