How to Work With Spot Glazing Compound for Auto Bodywork?

Answer Spot Glazing Compound is an important part of the body work process if you want your new paint to lay flat and be flawless. This process is for filling in pin holes, scratches and small dings. Usin... Read More »

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What Is Auto Glazing?

Auto glazing is a type of automotive window that is produced by injection molding a strong polycarbonate plastic. Also known as PC glazing, it can be used to create shapes that are impossible for g... Read More »

Types of Auto Body Glazing?

If your vehicle has suffered body damage, it can be repaired with the proper materials. Scratches, nicks and dents can be filled with putty glaze to create a flat. even surface on which to apply a ... Read More »

How does double glazing work?

A double-glazed window consists of two panes of glass with air between them. A drying agent is added between the two panes of glass to ensure that no moisture can enter the space.How It WorksThe ef... Read More »

Auto Polishing Compound Instructions?

With time, dirt and contaminants can cause damage to the protective covering of your car's paint job. Though the damage doesn't affect the actual auto body paint itself, it creates a dulled worn lo... Read More »