How to Work With Microsoft Paint?

Answer Microsoft Paint is a basic utility program included with most installations of Microsoft operating systems. Microsoft Paint allows you to perform simple artistic functions, such as drawing, colorin... Read More »

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How to View Microsoft Office Work Mail on Home Computer Using Microsoft Office Software?

Outlook is an application that allows you to manage your email, contacts and calendar with one interface. The application is a client in the sense that it retrieves data from a server and puts it i... Read More »

Can you paint a cook-top a different color. Does appliance paint work on built in ovens?

Fridge is slang for "refrigerator", the kitchen equipment for keeping food cold. The word may have been derived from "Frigidaire", a popular brand name of refrigerators in the United States since ... Read More »

How to Get More out of Microsoft Paint?

Let's face it, Microsoft Paint seems to be under all of the other photo programs. That doesn't mean you can't make good out of it.

How do I install Microsoft Paint?

Install PaintInsert the Microsoft Paint software into the CD drive. It can be purchased at an electronics store such as Best Buy or Circuit City. The software prompts you to run or install. Click o... Read More »