How to Work With Hanging Amaranthus?

Answer Amaranthus is an ancient food crop once cultivated by the Aztecs and indigenous North American people. It is a seed crop that is used as a substitute for flour to make breads and anything else usua... Read More »

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How to Dry Amaranthus?

Amaranthus are a group of annual herbs that gardeners grow for both ornamental and edible purposes. These shrubs grow between 2 and 8 feet tall and enjoy full sun but can also tolerate drought cond... Read More »

What Is Amaranthus Caudatus?

Amaranthus caudatus, sometimes called love-lies-bleeding or tassel flower, is a tender perennial believed to be indigenous to South America. It is hardy in U.S. Department of Agriculture zones 8 t... Read More »

How to Decorate a Hanging Picture With Ribbon?

Bring an elegant, old-world style to your home by hanging your pictures from long, satin or velvet ribbons. Alternatively, add a little whimsy to your decor by using a colorful or printed ribbon. ... Read More »

How to Start Hanging Out With a New Group of Friends?

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