How to Work With Arrays in MS Excel 2007?

Answer You need to enter complex formulas and leave room for flexibility to make changes to your data without having to edit the formulas. You want to keep the size of your Excel worksheet small because E... Read More »

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How to Work With Pictures in Excel 2007?

Microsoft Excel 2007 can insert picture files that stand out on a worksheet. A "Picture Tools" ribbon displays editing commands, such as brightness, picture style and size. These editing commands a... Read More »

How to Use Arrays in Microsoft Excel?

The array is a familiar construct to all computer programmers, but to the average Excel user, this tool often remains unknown and unused. An array is a collection of data items that can be manipula... Read More »

I'm having trouble with Excel 2007?

Just start over with a new page. Copy-paste what you have (but not a select all - just the cells you want to keep) into a new worksheet.

Is OpenOffice Calc compatible with Excel 2007?

The OpenOffice Calc spreadsheet program is compatible with modern versions of Microsoft Excel. Calc users can save their files in Excel format and open Excel files in new Calc windows. Calc has bee... Read More »