How to Work Preforeclosures & Foreclosures?

Answer Real estate agents can find a lot of profit in working with pre-foreclosure and foreclosure properties for sale. Knowing how to work these types of listings requires specialized knowledge and train... Read More »

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Realtors Information: How to Work Preforeclosures & Foreclosures?

Real estate agents and brokers dealing with homes in preforeclosure or the foreclosure process must carefully weigh their clients' most viable options and provide them with the best information pos... Read More »

How Do Foreclosures Work in Colorado?

Colorado homeowners who default on their mortgage may face foreclosure by the lender. According to Foreclosure, Colorado foreclosure proceedings differ from other states because the governo... Read More »

How do foreclosures work in florida?

In his book "Stop Foreclosure Now," law expert Lloyd Segal highlights that all foreclosures in Florida are judicial. A judicial foreclosure takes about five months and is overseen by the court of t... Read More »

How to Bid on HUD Foreclosures?

When an individual loses his home to foreclosure, his lender seizes the property and allows the public the opportunity to purchase it through a live foreclosure auction. These auctions are traditio... Read More »