How to Work Out Problems Doing Addition Reactions for Chemistry?

Answer When you add bromine to 3-hexene, the bromine atoms will add to the hexene molecule such that you end up with 3,4-dibromohexene. This is an example of an addition reaction, a reaction where two sma... Read More »

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Addition Reactions in Organic Chemistry?

Addition reaction is one of four reaction classes in organic chemistry. An addition reaction is an organic chemical reaction in which two small molecules bond and form one larger one. Only compound... Read More »

How to Contrast Biochemical Reactions Inside the Body and Chemical Reactions in the Chemistry Laboratory?

How to study and contrast the basic differences between chemical reactions inside the body and the reactions in the chemistry laboratory are discussed in the context of this article.

How to Study Electrocyclic Reactions in Organic Chemistry?

Electrocyclic reactions are an important class of organic reactions that have interest for theoretical chemistry practitioners. This article provides an overview to help you study this type of orga... Read More »

How to Learn About the Electrophilic Aromatic Substitution Reactions in Organic Chemistry?

This article discusses the electophilic aromatic reaction on benzene derivative compounds from its mechanistic point of view.