How to Withdraw an Accepted Job Offer?

Answer Having to withdraw a job offer you have already accepted is a delicate and stressful situation. Your would-be employers may be sympathetic or they may be angry at being inconvenienced. Their reacti... Read More »

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How to Write a Counter Offer to the Purchase Offer?

Everyone who is selling a home longs for the day when they will receive an offer to purchase it. If the terms that the purchaser is offering are not acceptable, the seller of the home can make a c... Read More »

Can a bank offer you a settlement on a charged off auto loan and later refuse the settlement offer because you received a check from your auto insurance company to fix your car from an accident?

Answer Yes, the bank or any lending institution can withdraw any offer unless a contract has been signed by all parties.

Can an employeer offer reimbursement for medical coverage and not offer to others with no coverage?

Answer If I understand the question correctly the answer is yes. An employer can have a Health Reimbursement Arrangement as the mechanism to pay for employees health care. In those plan documents t... Read More »

How to Withdraw From a SEP IRA?

SEP stands for simplified employee pension plan, a type of individual retirement account that allows employer contributions. This type of IRA follows the same tax rules as traditional IRA accounts,... Read More »