How to Wire the Electric Brake on a Camper?

Answer Trailer brakes are required in many states; so before heading on a trip with a camper, you should check the laws of each state you'll be passing through. It's a good idea to add or repair the elect... Read More »

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How to Wire Raybestos 7619035 Electric Trailer Brake Controls?

Your vehicle's Raybestos Electric Brake Controller will communicate the amount of braking force to be applied at the trailer. It accomplishes this by monitoring the vehicle's brake pedal switch and... Read More »

When installing a Y-shaped electric range plug and it has places for three wires and you have a black wire white wire and a bare copper wire so which wire goes where?

Answer for USA, Canada and countries running a 60 Hz power supply service.(LIFE SAFETY WARNING! [disclaimer] Electricity is dangerous! You can be injured or killed! Improper installations can ca... Read More »

How to Wire the Camper Battery for My Tacoma?

The Toyota Tacoma truck can be equipped with a truck bed camper, and it can tow a trailer camper. Both styles of camper benefit from having a deep cycle battery dedicated to the "house" circuits to... Read More »

How to Wire a Battery Isolator in a Camper?

A battery isolator is a necessity in any camper that uses a separate battery to power lights and other accessories when the engine is off but recharges when the engine is on. An isolator performs t... Read More »