How to Wire the EZ-GO MPT 800 Battery?

Answer The EZ-GO MPT-800 is a battery powered electric utility vehicle that can be used as a maintenance vehicle for large turf-covered areas. It can also serve as a golf cart. The MPT-800 is powered by s... Read More »

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How to Wire a 36V Battery?

Large Direct Current (DC) electric vehicles, i.e., golf carts, scooters and electric cars, require more than a standard 12-volt battery can supply. Connecting multiple batteries in series increases... Read More »

How to Wire My Alternator to My Battery?

Automotive alternators supply the automotive electrical system with the electrical energy needed to operate an automobile. Without the alternator, an automobile can only operate on battery power fo... Read More »

How to Wire a Battery Tender?

Battery tenders are trickle chargers used to maintain lead-acid batteries at full charge. They can be used to maintain the charge on vehicles that use six-volt or 12-volt lead-acid batteries. This ... Read More »

How to Wire Battery Switches?

Battery switches are used in many applications to switch between two or more batteries that have been connected. A battery switch is commonly found in many types of motorboats and sailboats to prov... Read More »