How to Wire an Old 6 Conductor Phone Jack?

Answer A telephone jack is an interface that connects your house telephone wiring with your telephone. The socket of a telephone jack contains conductors, or pins, which connect to the individual telephon... Read More »

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How to Wire a Phone Jack?

You can install your own phone jacks and save big bucks!

How to Connect a Cat 3 Wire to a Phone Jack?

Category 3 wiring has been used for telephone wiring for years. If you have limited funds for your phone project, it is much cheaper than Cat 5 wire. Wiring a phone jack with Cat 3 wire is not diff... Read More »

How to Wire a Jack for a Landline Phone?

While cell phones and wireless technology continues to grow to new heights, having a landline phone or a phone connected to a hard line can often provide immediate access when cell towers are not a... Read More »

How to Wire a Phone Jack in the Wall?

Telephones, both old and new, are connected to the phone company with thin copper wires that carry the dial tone and supply power to the ringer. These wires are thin and are usually bundled with se... Read More »