How to Wire an Old 6 Conductor Phone Jack?

Answer A telephone jack is an interface that connects your house telephone wiring with your telephone. The socket of a telephone jack contains conductors, or pins, which connect to the individual telephon... Read More »

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How to Wire a Phone Jack?

You can install your own phone jacks and save big bucks!

How to Match Cat 3 Wire to a Phone Jack?

Cat 3, or Category 3, wiring is useful for wiring small networks, telephones and dial-up Internet connections. It is a less expensive choice than Cat 5 wiring, which is appealing on a budget. Many ... Read More »

How to Connect a Cat 3 Wire to a Phone Jack?

Category 3 wiring has been used for telephone wiring for years. If you have limited funds for your phone project, it is much cheaper than Cat 5 wire. Wiring a phone jack with Cat 3 wire is not diff... Read More »

How to Wire a Jack for a Landline Phone?

While cell phones and wireless technology continues to grow to new heights, having a landline phone or a phone connected to a hard line can often provide immediate access when cell towers are not a... Read More »