How to Wire an Analog Telephone?

Answer Analog telephone lines, also referred to as Plain Old Telephone Service (POTS), support standard telephones, fax machines and computer modems. Analog lines convert air vibrations into an analogous ... Read More »

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Where does the tan wire and green wire go when you are hooking up your caller ID to your Direct TV and there is a telephone line that goes from the TV box to the telephone box?

Where the Wires GoI don't know why the last answer was so wrong like that, but all you need is a wall plate with a telephone port, and a jumper to connect it to your direct tv. I've never seen a wa... Read More »

Is coax cable, the basic wire in every home, a digital or analog wire?

Coaxial cable can carry electrons at high speed and those electrons can be used by either digital or analog systems, depending on how they were sent and how they are decoded. It is only a transmis... Read More »

How do I Wire the Green and Red Telephone Wire to a RJ25 Modular Panel Jack?

Installing new phone cabling is an easy way to save money. Several types of jacks and cables are available for voice and data applications. Four and six position jacks are used for voice and eight ... Read More »

How to Wire a Laptop to an Analog Receiver?

A laptop can be wired quickly to an analog receiver to become part of a stereo system, enabling the user to enjoy music stored on the laptop through a full-size speaker system. The connection requi... Read More »