How to Wire an Alternator Voltage Regulator?

Answer A voltage regulator is an important component of your car's charging system. As the name indicates, it regulates the amount of voltage produced from the alternator to ensure a consistent voltage to... Read More »

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How to Test the Voltage Regulator in a Chevy Alternator?

The voltage regulator is built into the alternator on all Chevys made from the 1980s to at least 2010. Simply put, the regulator restricts the amount of voltage being sent to the battery. Without a... Read More »

How to Install an External Voltage Regulator on an Alternator?

A voltage regulator is essential for any vehicle, as it keeps the voltage to a safe level to ensure your electrical equipment doesn't get damaged. The faster your alternator rotor spins, the higher... Read More »

How to Wire a Tractor Voltage Regulator?

A voltage regulator takes current from a battery with oscillating voltage and puts out constant voltage. Six-volt generators and 12-volt alternators require current at voltages. Fluctuation in volt... Read More »

How to Wire a Bosch Voltage Regulator?

Most new or refurbished alternators, including those made by Bosch, have built-in voltage regulators, while older types of alternators use an external regulator. Alternators produce variable amount... Read More »